Facebook Business Verified Page How To | Social Media Marketing

Facebook has implemented a Verified Page system very similar to the Google My Business Local Verified Page system. According to Facebook once you have been verified there is a natural boost in the search feature from Facebook users looking for your business once the profile has been phone verified.

How do I verify my Page?

Some Pages for local businesses may be eligible for a gray verification badge. If you’re an admin and your Page is eligible, you’ll see this option in your Page’s Settings. To verify your Page, you can use your business’ publicly listed phone number or a business document (ex: phone bill). We’ll only use this information to verify your Page.

To verify your Page:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
  2. From General, click Page Verification
  3. Click Verify this Page, then click Get Started
  4. Enter a publicly listed phone number for your business, your country and language
  5. Click Call Me Now to allow Facebook to call you with a verification code
  6. Enter the 4-digit verification code and click Continue

If you prefer to verify your Page with a business document, follow the steps above and click Verify this Page with documents instead at the bottom left of the window that appears, then upload a picture of an official document showing your business’ name and address.

After we receive your verification code or business document, we’ll review your info to confirm that it matches public records and send you a notification or email about your verification status within a few days. Keep in mind that you’re not required to verify your Page.


Small Business Marketing Seminar @ Google Headquarters 10/22/15 8:30am

Who/What: ReachLocal & Google will be presenting Digital Marketing for Small to Medium Size Businesses.

When/Where: October 22 2015 8:30AM-11:30AM .This free event will be at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

How: space is limited register soon! go to http:/Reachlocal.com/googleplex-seminar

after you register email me your name number and business to  talal.melhem@reachlocal.com so i can confirm

ReachLocal Google Seminar 2015



Why you really need to fix your hours on your Google Plus Page | Google Maps

Ever go to a place only to find out it closed hours ago? The Google Maps app will now warn you before you even leave that it may be closed before you arrive. This works two ways though… people check stuff before making the drive to your store and with this new feature google will be checking even more hence influencing the decision process based on info it gets,

Here is the bottom line …

if your info is wrong and it warns that you are closed when you are open you are losing customers. If it says you are open when you are closed you not only lose customers but they might become angry and possibly write a bad review.

Mobile App Use on the rise | Mobile Marketing News

Mobile App use increased 52% year over year with flat browser usage. Smart money is on in-app display advertising on mobile devices. Call me to learn more about ReachLocal’s NEW In-App display advertising 4086804429




Google & Reachlocal Small Business Conference @ Google Campus

Here are updated pictures of the Google Campus Headquarters. What an exciting day! I really enjoyed hanging out with some of the brightest minds and feeling the Google vibe at the Googleplex.

We had a big turnout of small business owners eager to learn more effective ways to market to their potential customers and how the online space is changing.


Now I’ve been told I must watch the movie “The Internship” as it was filmed onsite at Google HQ in Mountain View CA.


Bay Area Google Event 10/21/14 | Google Campus Tour

Struggling to get seen in local search? In this free seminar, Google will present the results of their extensive research on how today’s consumers look for and find local businesses on web and mobile. ReachLocal will then provide actionable tips you can use to put these insights to work for your business. Register today – and be in the know about how to get more prospective customers online.
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
8:30am – 12:00pm PDTGoogle Mountain View (Global HQ)
1900 Charleston Road Building 1900, Asilomar Room, Mountain View, CA 94043 (map)

Google Panda 4.0 Update | Local 7-Pack Updated | SEO News



So it’s out! Matt Cutts has mentioned that Google Panda 4.0 was launched this Tuesday.https://twitter.com/mattcutts/status/468891756982185985

But it appears Maps are also updated.

Coincidence? Part of Panda or just part of another roll out at the same time? It is something that I have seen is going to really start to disrupt the local seo listings of google’s famous 7-pack A-G maps listings that gets incorporated into search engine results page listings.

Before, if you typed in a search phrase that triggered a local a-g listing eg. plumber, mechanic, electrician, etc. your location was determined by ip and you were shown a map of the city you were in and given 7 listings and a map of where they were. (see pics)

now it appears google has tightened the map radius to better serve more local choices (from what i see here in the san jose area north central and south san jose have their own sections now)

What does this mean? By making the results smaller you will now have new choices of businesses that are geographically closer to you, what it also means is that the companies that were showing up before might not be in those new areas and get less traffic. This type of deregulation of the monopoly on basic keywords is going allow customers to find new businesses that were previously not showing up.

It should also open up a new wave of local seo targets for seo companies to sell their products to business owners looking to gain exposure on the 1st page of google.

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on my blogs. I would love to hear if anyone else has noticed / experienced this.