ReachLocal’s ReachCommerce local commerce platform now integrated with Yelp

ReachCommerce is a software solution for businesses that work in the home improvement field. For an example, now a plumber can manage scheduling, payment and customer interaction in one simple solution. This cool “all-in-one” software solution takes the home improvement category to a new level. The second cool part is a strategic partnership with Yelp to offer consumers the ability to book appointments with ReachCommerce businesses in real time, directly through their profiles on Yelp. Expect the Yelp integration in Q4.

738161 article written by ReachLocal CEO Zorik Gordon


How cool is this? the CEO for ReachLocal contributed to an article on Forbes magazine. The Future of Local Online is Commerce : Full Article

here is a snippet from that article:

I believe that each and every local transaction process will be transformed in a similar way. It is inevitable that one day, everything consumers buy locally will be booked and bought online first. This is the future of Local Commerce and I believe it is one of the biggest disruptions of dollars still out there for the taking. We’re talking trillions globally and it’s still anyone’s game.”  Zorik Gordon


ReachLocal & Google Partnership Video | Google Premier SMB Partner

This video recorded at Google Headquarters explains from Google ReachLocal’s relationship with Google. We then get to hear from the CEO of Reachlocal more about Reachlocal’s visions and goals.


ReachEdge | Smart Website & Lead Management Software | How it Works Video

Turn More Prospects Into Contacts
As a part of the ReachEdge system, you get a smart website that’s
designed to impress visitors and get more of them to contact you. Not
only does this search- and mobile-friendly site enable more prospects
to find you online, but it also makes it a snap for them to contact you
via phone, email, Web form, or chat. Plus, it automatically captures
contacts from your online and offline marketing efforts and adds them
to your contact list by source, so you can see exactly what marketing
tactics are working.
Respond Faster to Get More Leads & Customers
What makes ReachEdge so powerful? It’s built with smart technology
that captures and tracks your contacts, and then alerts you via email
or text so you never miss an opportunity to reply quickly and win a
new customer. You simply review your new contacts (including call
recordings) and easily classify them as leads with one touch. That
kicks off automated follow-up emails that give you the upper hand in
converting leads into customers before your competitors.
Follow Up Better with Leads
ReachEdge helps you move all your leads toward a purchase, even
those not yet ready to buy. The system automatically sends you and
your staff reminders to call back new leads. And, it sends leads with
email addresses a series of marketing emails that keep you top of
mind, so more of them choose you. ReachEdge integrates all the
pieces of your marketing into a single solution that sends prospects
to a smart website, captures contacts, builds your list, and follows up
with them, so you lose fewer leads and gain more customers.

ReachLocal and Google Form Global Strategic Partnership

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Google and ReachLocal Sign First-of-its-Kind Global AdWords™ Agreement to Accelerate the Delivery of Google’s AdWords Advertising Program to Small-and Medium-Sized Businesses Around the World

ReachLocal, Inc. (NASDAQ:RLOC), a leader in local online marketing solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced today a first-of-its-kind partnership with Google that designates ReachLocal as a global premier Google AdWords™ partner.

The strategic partnership is intended to accelerate the delivery of Google’s AdWords advertising program to local businesses internationally by combining ReachLocal’s feet-on-the-street sales model and SMB-focused search engine marketing platform with Google’s existing worldwide AdWords™ marketing and partnership support organizations. The partnership is designed to drive both growth in existing markets and expansion into new international markets over the next three years.


Private Equity Firm Cerberus buys out 53% ownership of At&t Advertising Solutions



“The local print directory business has been under significant pressure for quite awhile.  Idearc, Verizon’s directory business which was spun off in 2006, went through bankruptcy proceedings in 2009.  It was rebranded as SuperMedia in January 2010 and has continued to struggle with Moody’s downgrading its credit rating last month to Caa3.  Dex One, a former directories publisher of Sprint, also went through bankruptcy in 2009.  Yell, a spin-off of U.K.’s BT Group’s directories business, which owns U.K. and U.S. directory brands, had to renegotiate its £2.6bn net debt last December.”

“A major battle is underway to capture a position in the $39 billion local advertising market.  Google, Groupon, eBay, Yelp, CityGrid Media, Angie’s List, ReachLocal and many others are building businesses that innovate on the legacy of Yellow Page directories.”
  “Cerberus’ challenge will be to continue to purposefully and aggressively reorient an organization which has the dying print directory business in its DNA. “
“The assets at their disposal are quite impressive but can the leadership let the past go and embrace the very fast-moving innovation now occurring in online and mobile?”
Source:  Link to Full Article
yellowpages san jose Has a Redesigned Website | Company News

new reachlocal website

ReachLocal (Nasdaq RLOC) has redesigned and added many pages to the existing website. Theofficial scoop from the company blog gets into many details of the new improvements and highlights a lot of the changes.

What’s New at Not only does our new site highlight how we’ve helped local business owners with their online marketing, but it also features a completely new design for our brand, more interactive elements, enhanced content, and much, much more. We had many goals for the new ReachLocal website, but these three objectives were at the heart of what we wanted to accomplish:

1. Humanizing our Brand.

2. Proving our Results.

3. Sharing our Thought Leadership.