ReachLocal Introduces ReachEdge : A Smart Website with Capture Technology & Lead Management Software

So what’s ReachEdge?

Simply put it is a service that includes CMS Website Design, SEO, CRM, and Email Marketing.

lets go over the basic acronyms:

  1. Website Design with CMS or Content Management System – ReachLocal Designs you a Conversion Friendly Website that has all best practices to get you more leads plus a CMS. Simply put a CMS lets you log in to your website and make updates to it like adding pics or updating paragraphs (think of how you update your personal facebook page)
  2. SEO – or Search Engine Optimization, falls in two main buckets on-site and offsite. ReachLocal has the hardware in place to work on the On-Site SEO to help you rank on the search engines.
  3. CRM – Or Customer Relationship Management is a software that is baked into the ReachEdge technology that lets you organize and manage all new leads and customers in a platform that is designed to let you get more sales and insight on new vs active vs existing leads or accounts.
  4. Email Marketing, this ties into the CRM lead management system and lets you create workflows for automated emails based on the type of lead.

sales funnel

When looking at the sales funnel above ReachEdge is designed to boost the middle section of the funnel specifically the Contact and Choose sections.


ReachEdge | Smart Website & Lead Management Software | How it Works Video

Turn More Prospects Into Contacts
As a part of the ReachEdge system, you get a smart website that’s
designed to impress visitors and get more of them to contact you. Not
only does this search- and mobile-friendly site enable more prospects
to find you online, but it also makes it a snap for them to contact you
via phone, email, Web form, or chat. Plus, it automatically captures
contacts from your online and offline marketing efforts and adds them
to your contact list by source, so you can see exactly what marketing
tactics are working.
Respond Faster to Get More Leads & Customers
What makes ReachEdge so powerful? It’s built with smart technology
that captures and tracks your contacts, and then alerts you via email
or text so you never miss an opportunity to reply quickly and win a
new customer. You simply review your new contacts (including call
recordings) and easily classify them as leads with one touch. That
kicks off automated follow-up emails that give you the upper hand in
converting leads into customers before your competitors.
Follow Up Better with Leads
ReachEdge helps you move all your leads toward a purchase, even
those not yet ready to buy. The system automatically sends you and
your staff reminders to call back new leads. And, it sends leads with
email addresses a series of marketing emails that keep you top of
mind, so more of them choose you. ReachEdge integrates all the
pieces of your marketing into a single solution that sends prospects
to a smart website, captures contacts, builds your list, and follows up
with them, so you lose fewer leads and gain more customers.