What is Quality Score and why does it matter? | Google Adwords | Understanding PPC

In a nutshell, higher Quality Scores typically lead to lower costs and better ad positions. The AdWords system works best for everybody – advertisers, customers, publishers, and Google – when ads are relevant, closely matching what customers are looking for. Relevant ads tend to earn more clicks, appear in a higher position, and bring you the most success.

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ReachLocal.com Has a Redesigned Website | Company News

new reachlocal website

ReachLocal (Nasdaq RLOC) has redesigned and added many pages to the existing website. Theofficial scoop from the company blog gets into many details of the new improvements and highlights a lot of the changes.

What’s New at ReachLocal.com? Not only does our new site highlight how we’ve helped local business owners with their online marketing, but it also features a completely new design for our brand, more interactive elements, enhanced content, and much, much more. We had many goals for the new ReachLocal website, but these three objectives were at the heart of what we wanted to accomplish:

1. Humanizing our Brand.

2. Proving our Results.

3. Sharing our Thought Leadership.


DMA Map Region for SF Bay Area, Sacramento, & Monterey | Search Engine Marketing

When setting up a ReachSearch™ campaign (Pay Per Click search engine marketing) you can either set up a radius or a DMA (Designated Market Area). A radius is simply based in miles around a certain point (usually the location of the business)

When setting up a ReachDisplay™ campaign (Display Advertising) the publishers only allow DMA targeting.

I have included a quick guide on the 3 closest DMA’s for the ReachLocal San Jose office for reference.

San Francisco Bay Area DMA:

sf dma

Monterey DMA:

monterey dma

Sacramento DMA:

sac dma


What Are The 20 Most Expensive Keyword Categories In Google AdWords?

The top twenty keyword categories that demanded the highest costs per click are:

1. Insurance (example keyword: “auto insurance price quotes”)
2. Loans (example keyword: “consolidate graduate student loans”)
3. Mortgage (example keyword: “refinanced second mortgages”)
4. Attorney (example keyword: “personal injury attorney”)
5. Credit (example keyword: “home equity line of credit”)
6. Lawyer
7. Donate
8. Degree
9. Hosting
10. Claim
11. Conference Call
12. Trading
13. Software
14. Recovery
15. Transfer
16. Gas/Electricity
17. Classes
18. Rehab
19. Treatment
20. Cord Blood