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So it’s out! Matt Cutts has mentioned that Google Panda 4.0 was launched this Tuesday.

But it appears Maps are also updated.

Coincidence? Part of Panda or just part of another roll out at the same time? It is something that I have seen is going to really start to disrupt the local seo listings of google’s famous 7-pack A-G maps listings that gets incorporated into search engine results page listings.

Before, if you typed in a search phrase that triggered a local a-g listing eg. plumber, mechanic, electrician, etc. your location was determined by ip and you were shown a map of the city you were in and given 7 listings and a map of where they were. (see pics)

now it appears google has tightened the map radius to better serve more local choices (from what i see here in the san jose area north central and south san jose have their own sections now)

What does this mean? By making the results smaller you will now have new choices of businesses that are geographically closer to you, what it also means is that the companies that were showing up before might not be in those new areas and get less traffic. This type of deregulation of the monopoly on basic keywords is going allow customers to find new businesses that were previously not showing up.

It should also open up a new wave of local seo targets for seo companies to sell their products to business owners looking to gain exposure on the 1st page of google.

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on my blogs. I would love to hear if anyone else has noticed / experienced this.


New Google Maps Offers personalized results built into the Map

Google Maps has a beta version out now! click here to join the waiting list.

Looks like it will take your reviews from you and your friends from google plus to provide personalized results. All this of course if you remain logged into your google account I am assuming while you are searching on the map.

new google maps