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If you can remember from my previous article “Apple ditches Youtube & Google Maps in iOS 6”

iPhone Users have been frustrated with the new changes and had trouble navigating around town. The temporary fix was a link to the Google maps website through Safari but this was not an actual “app” and very frustrating as well.

Well its finally here.. so now the million dollar question is will iPhone users go back to  Google or are they already familiar with the other alternatives they were forced to use during the period. My guess is some marketshare of users will be lost due to this but the majority will go back. Google is helping brand the change on the main website with the words:

New! Google Maps for iPhone is here. Get the app

Simply put and I bet everyone will jump on board.


Apple Ditches YouTube & Google Maps In iOS 6 | Mobile Marketing | Breaking News


The real bumps in the road may come with the introduction of Apple’s updated Maps app.

There are many new features getting introduced in the iOS 6 version of the Maps app, such asturn-by-turn navigation and a new “flyover” mode. But already many reviewers are missing the one thing that the new Maps doesn’t have: Google Maps data.

Instead, Apple’s mapping data is coming from vendors TomTom and Waze, with search data tied in to the Yelp location-based review service.

It’s expected that a new service, especially one replacing a highly robust geo-location dataset, is going to have some gaps in information. But it may be hard to explain that to phone users who suddenly can’t find businesses and other locations on their iPhones that were there before.

And the new dataset may not just be lacking a little – there could be big gaps. Waze CEO Noam Bardin distanced himself from the apparent coming storm when iOS hits the virtual shelves today, telling Business Insider, “Apple went out and partnered with the weakest player… They’re now coming out with the lowest, weakest data set and they’re competing against Google, which has the highest data set. What’s going to happen with the Apple maps, is that you’re literally not going to find things. When you do find them, they might be in the wrong place or position geographically. And if you do have it, the route to it may not be the optimal route.”