Why you really need to fix your hours on your Google Plus Page | Google Maps

Ever go to a place only to find out it closed hours ago? The Google Maps app will now warn you before you even leave that it may be closed before you arrive. This works two ways though… people check stuff before making the drive to your store and with this new feature google will be checking even more hence influencing the decision process based on info it gets,

Here is the bottom line …

if your info is wrong and it warns that you are closed when you are open you are losing customers. If it says you are open when you are closed you not only lose customers but they might become angry and possibly write a bad review.

New Google Maps Offers personalized results built into the Map

Google Maps has a beta version out now! click here to join the waiting list.

Looks like it will take your reviews from you and your friends from google plus to provide personalized results. All this of course if you remain logged into your google account I am assuming while you are searching on the map.

new google maps


It’s Back :-) Google Maps Back on iPhone | Mobile App | Breaking News


If you can remember from my previous article “Apple ditches Youtube & Google Maps in iOS 6”

iPhone Users have been frustrated with the new changes and had trouble navigating around town. The temporary fix was a link to the Google maps website through Safari but this was not an actual “app” and very frustrating as well.

Well its finally here.. so now the million dollar question is will iPhone users go back to  Google or are they already familiar with the other alternatives they were forced to use during the period. My guess is some marketshare of users will be lost due to this but the majority will go back. Google is helping brand the change on the main website google.com with the words:

New! Google Maps for iPhone is here. Get the app

Simply put and I bet everyone will jump on board.


How to claim your google places page in under 10 steps

This is really simple you do not need a lengthy tutorial..

step 1) go to http://www.google.com/places/

step 2) click on the get started

step 3) create a google account with your work email

basic q & a

q) do i need a gmail account for this?

a) no you do not need a gmail account but if you already have a gmail account you will automatically have a google account.

(personal preference create a new google account with your work email that you use as a main contact ex. info@autostore.com  as the username and remember your google password)

step 4) verify your new google account by checking your emails.. then log in

(note while logged in you will see in the upper right hand side your email as logged in)

step 5)  click on the list your business

step 6) enter your phone number and click find business information

step 7) google will either find your business or not if it doesn’t enter in all the details and you will get a card in the mail to verify.. since we are already assuming google has your map listing and we are claiming ownership instead of creating a new business we will continue with how to claim ownership.

step 8) enter in all the key information don’t worry about videos or pictures for now you can modify them after you own it at this point just add your store hours and most importantly your website. then click on submit.

step 9) at this point google will ask you how you would like to verify ownership phone call or postcard in the mail. a phone call is the fastest and most sought out method so make sure your business phone is in your hand when you verify by phone…. google calls right away.. there is a 6 digit pin you enter under the verification box and your done.

q) i am not getting the phone option did i do something wrong?

a)it appears if someone else tried to claim your listing or if you are in another state or country or if it is a brand new business google prefers to play it safe and verify by mail your listing .. original mail from google looked like post cards and nwo they recently were replaced with actual letters. either way KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THE colored GOOGLE LOGO. mailing time is aprox. 5 days to 15 days depending on location.