Google+ Vs. Facebook | Video Chat Comparison | News Article

“Video chat is turning out to be a popular feature for social networking; we tried out both Facebook’s new Video Calling and Google+ Hangout.”

Facebook Video Calling

“Facebook’s new Video Calling service is powered by Skype; perhaps because of that, it’s simple and straightforward to use. You’ll first need to download a plug-in by going to, clicking on the Get Started button, then on the Setup button. At that point, you’ll download and install a Java plug-in.”

Google+ Hangout

“When more than two people participate in a Hangout, the large image shows whoever is talking — Hangout chooses which person will be center stage depending on audio feedback. If several people talk at the same time, the video goes back and forth from one to another.”



Will Facebook Be the Death of Groupon? | Facebook Deals | ReachLocal | OpenTable | News Article

“Hello, inevitability. Deals for Facebook launches today in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco, offering users the opportunity to cash in on city-specific discounts through prepaid vouchers. The Deals tab has been active in those cities since last month, but the actual discounts start rolling in today.

Somewhere out in Chicago, Groupon is kicking itself for not pulling off its IPO sooner.”

Here the author mentions Reachlocal:

“Intriguingly, Facebook isn’t diving into this high-margin niche alone. Instead of setting up specialized sales forces in its launch cities, the site has simply teamed up with OpenTable (Nasdaq: OPEN  ) ,ReachLocal (Nasdaq: RLOC  ) , and other existing, city-specific discount providers.”

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ReachLocal To Help Power Facebook Deal Test

Woodland Hills-based ReachLocal, the provider of Internet advertising services to small and medium sized businesses, said Wednesday afternoon that it will participate in Facebook’s Deals test in San Diego. Facebook said this week that it would be testing out a Groupon-style deals in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, and Austin this week. ReachLocal said it will use its existing presence in San Diego to source deals from local businesses for Facebook. Facebook is also tapping other partners, such as gilt City and OpenTable, for its efforts.