Are You Ready for the Timeline Switch on your Facebook Page?

March 30th is the deadline when Facebook will flip the switch, make sure you get your pictures ready.




USE THAT EXTRA SPACE! | Large Profile Picture on Facebook | FB How To | Social Media Marketing

Congrats, you have created a FB business page and your customers are starting to like you. When you started you added a basic logo as your profile pic.. STOP! ITS TIME TO RETHINK THINGS.

Facebook allows you to maximize your profile picture to a size of 180×540 (width x height in pixels)

When deciding how to make your new profile picture you can keep your logo up top and include pictures of your business, of your services, and most importantly a phone number / call to action…  the most popular one right now is
“PLEASE LIKE THIS PAGE” or “LIKE OUR PAGE TO RECEIVE A GIFT” something along the lines to remind the customer to like your page.

Take a Look at some of these examples I have done for other clients.

Facebook-Profile Example


The Fresh Advertising Trend | Facebook Advertising & Privacy Challenges | News Article

Lots of things are happening in the online marketing and advertising world. I found a great article that informs you what the top facebook executives are planning and the leaked Goldman and Sachs details on profit numbers . Also included is the Commscore results of where people spend their time, and where advertisers are spending there money. At the end of the day the inescapable result is that Google still grossed more in a month in 2010 than Facebook did all year, even though people spent more time on Facebook.

 time spent online
revenue per visitor