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“We are excited to launch the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner program with hand-picked, highly qualified companies like ReachLocal,” said Ben Wood, head of Google’s Americas channel sales partnerships. “Small- and medium-sized businesses will not only benefit from ReachLocal’s in-depth training, but from its seven years of experience in the local market.”

The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner program is reserved for companies that meet Google’s highest standards of excellence, which is why we’re especially honored to have been hand-picked by Google. After all, since we began, and to this very day, we’ve had one (and only one) focus: to help local business owners like you reach local customers online.


QR Codes and why do I need them | Social Media Marketing | Mobile Marketing


Are you starting to see these everywhere you go? If you haven’t caught on yet don’t worry its really easier than it looks. QR codes are advanced barcodes. A traditional barcode was only able to capture a series of numbers most popular use was for UPC barcodes for retail product. The next gen of these codes are the QR codes, also known as 2 dimensional codes. They allow text and numbers to be scanned.

For the sole purpose of explaining social media marketing we will discuss the how these are being used to overcome the burden of having to type long url codes on a mobile device.

If you haven’t noticed by now every smart phone has free apps you can download. One of these cool apps is a QR CODE READER There are many various apps that all do the same thing so we won’t go into a comparison of the apps. Simply put when you run the app on your Smartphone it accesses the camera on  your phone and recognizes the barcode. It then will open your internet browser and take you to the website.

So, why are businesses using them? Well if you have a waiting room, front desk or lobby it is great way to offer them to connect with you online. Simply put, the qr code is streamlining the ease for a customer to “like you on facebook” or “write a review on your google places page”.  This code is your direct link to where you want them to go.

What QR codes do I need to create for my business?

stick to basics for starters. Your website, facebook page, twitter, youtube, google reviews page and yelp.

What if I provide mobile services and my customers do not have a waiting area?

More then likely you carry a binder with paperwork, simply create a nice coversheet and leave it on the outside of your binder.
Happy Scanning!