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TotalLiveChat is an easy-to-implement live chat technology that proactively engages visitors on your website and generates leads for your business. By inviting consumers to interact while they are on your website, TotalLiveChat helps you connect with more site visitors—which can increase your leads by up to 30%.


Top 50 Visited Websites in USA | Alexa Rating | Updated 5/18/2011

Well it starts out Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon. The following list is generated from the rating of website traffic for the U.S. only. From a business owners eyes It is very interesting to see that craigslist is ranked number 10 and is ranked 159. Suprisingly some major local newspaper websites have higher ranking then the national Do take a look and feed your curiousity.

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Yahoo!
  4. YouTube – Broadcast yourself
  6. Wikipedia
  8. Twitter
  9. eBay
  11. LinkedIn
  12. Windows Live
  13. MSN
  14. Go
  15. Bing
  16. CNN Interactive
  17. AOL
  18. PayPal
  20. ESPN
  21. Netflix
  22. Flickr
  23. The Weather Channel
  24. The Internet Movie Database
  25. Tumblr
  26. The Huffington Post
  27. New York Times
  28. Apple Inc.
  29. Microsoft Corporation
  30. Bank of America
  31. About
  32. Go Daddy
  35. Chase Bank
  37. Hulu
  39. Yelp
  40. Ask
  42. Comcast High-speed Internet!
  43.  eHow
  44. Myspace
  45. Imgur
  46. PornHub
  48. Wells Fargo
  49. Reddit

51-500 can be found here



The Fresh Advertising Trend | Facebook Advertising & Privacy Challenges | News Article

Lots of things are happening in the online marketing and advertising world. I found a great article that informs you what the top facebook executives are planning and the leaked Goldman and Sachs details on profit numbers . Also included is the Commscore results of where people spend their time, and where advertisers are spending there money. At the end of the day the inescapable result is that Google still grossed more in a month in 2010 than Facebook did all year, even though people spent more time on Facebook.

 time spent online
revenue per visitor

Will Facebook Be the Death of Groupon? | Facebook Deals | ReachLocal | OpenTable | News Article

“Hello, inevitability. Deals for Facebook launches today in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco, offering users the opportunity to cash in on city-specific discounts through prepaid vouchers. The Deals tab has been active in those cities since last month, but the actual discounts start rolling in today.

Somewhere out in Chicago, Groupon is kicking itself for not pulling off its IPO sooner.”

Here the author mentions Reachlocal:

“Intriguingly, Facebook isn’t diving into this high-margin niche alone. Instead of setting up specialized sales forces in its launch cities, the site has simply teamed up with OpenTable (Nasdaq: OPEN  ) ,ReachLocal (Nasdaq: RLOC  ) , and other existing, city-specific discount providers.”

The above are two snippet of the entire article