ReachLocal To Help Power Facebook Deal Test

Woodland Hills-based ReachLocal, the provider of Internet advertising services to small and medium sized businesses, said Wednesday afternoon that it will participate in Facebook’s Deals test in San Diego. Facebook said this week that it would be testing out a Groupon-style deals in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, and Austin this week. ReachLocal said it will use its existing presence in San Diego to source deals from local businesses for Facebook. Facebook is also tapping other partners, such as gilt City and OpenTable, for its efforts.



You’ve Heard of “Checking In.” Now there’s the “Check Out.”

Bizzy’s new platform allows users to check out of the brick and mortar business they were at (a well awaited and welcomed paradigm shift of logic). The prior was checking in to let masses on your social networks know where you were going as a social endorsement of the place. The check-out philosophy appears to me to be more geared to forcing a quick review about the business. This new added check out feature could seriously change the culture of the online reputation realm and also increase the dynamic of the social endorsement. A perfect analogy is the Facebook like button… everyone has been asking for a dislike button for years now. Well, check-ins is to check-outs as the like button is to the much wanted dislike button. The format of the checkout appears to be extremely stream-line and not designed to go head to head with yelpers. More importantly the algorithmic approach of creating recommendations is definitely a strong behavioral / personality marketing super tool that has a huge potential for success.

Talal Melhem

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“The application was developed by Bizzy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ReachLocal, which is a publicly held local online advertising company.

Bizzy, which launched only in November, is trying to create a service that’s more tailored to your specific tastes than Yelp or another provider. For instance, Gadi Shamia, Bizzy’s founder, president and general manager, said it should already know if you are a vegetarian or whether you like Mexican food.

Starting this evening, there will be an update available for the Bizzy application in both the iTunes and Android markets.”

“Bizzy, which has 17 employees, is funded exclusively by ReachLocal and has a separate headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif.”



Google Analytics Basic Q & A Help

Q: How does google analytics work?
A: In very basic terms, Google adds some java script html code to your website and is then able to measure and report

Bounce Rate
Avg. Time on Site
New Visits

In addition to this you can learn more about your visitors (where they are on a map) and where your traffic sources are coming from (websites and keywords that brought you the visit)

Q: How do i get google analytics to measure traffic on my website?

A: 1st you need to set up a google account (note you do not need a gmail account to do this) 2nd you have to go to and add a new profile (your analytics account will be a number, add the url of your website… follow the simple instructions) 3rd you will get html code to copy paste into the coding of your homepage html. (you will need access to your hosting account and html editing software) 4th upload the new html page and your set.

Q: I did this but google is saying tracking code not found what did I do wrong?

A: It takes up to 24 hours for google to recognize the coding (mine took about 6 hours) So wait 1 day and then log in to your google account to see whats going on.

Q: My account has a green check mark but i am not getting any results.. How often does Google Analytics update or refresh the data?

A: No one knows for sure, but for basic visit data GA is usually 3 – 4 hours behind, for AdWords data around 24 hours behind, and E-commerce data sometimes up to 72 hours behind.

Q: I have a wordpress site how do I copy paste the code?

A: Skip the copy paste and html modify part and simply download a widget from wordpress to do the work. under widgets just search for google analytics for wordpress. Then allow the widget access to your analytics profile and wait a day.